An overview of the sport of scuba diving

Regulators PDF — Find out how regulators work, how to use them, and what to look for when buying one of your own. On the surface at the 75m mark, the buddy pair swims to the m marker i.

Up close, rainbow-like rows of tiny beating hairs called cilia may be seen - the Comb Jelly's only means of propulsion. Swim through a 2m long tunnel made of 1m diameter hoops suspended in mid-water in each lane starting at the 5m mark.

These also provide protection from sunburn, abrasion and stings from some marine organisms.

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Dive light Water attenuates light by selective absorption. Diving in different environments also necessitates adjustments in the amount of weight carried to achieve neutral buoyancy. If you see Ramon, ask him to tell you about the amazing adventure he had with the one-and-only Jacques Cousteau.

Siphonophores Jellyfishes Siphonophores are free-floating or swimming colonial hydroids. This dive normally has visibility of about 90—feet, and currents are constant. In the southern range, it is normally found from spring to early summer.

If you want to go on a zipline or go parasailing or even do a special dive we don't provide, we can arrange it for you. Marine life is abundant on the top of these coral ridges.


All siphonophores are predatory, and should be treated with respect for their venomous sting. A bailout cylinder provides breathing gas sufficient for a safe emergency ascent. The saliva residue allows condensation to wet the glass and form a continuous film, rather than tiny droplets.

General Scuba Safety Tips — Review several important safety tips that can be life-saving while diving. Every dive seems to include 5 or 6 Southern Stingrays and occasionally a visit from the neighborhood Lemon Shark.

Because rebreathers produce very few bubbles, they do not disturb marine life or make a diver's presence known at the surface; this is useful for underwater photography, and for covert work. This may be an inflatable marker deployed by the diver at the end of the dive, or a sealed float, towed for the whole dive.

Our dive masters and dive guides will customize your dive based upon your skill level. At this time it was dry and because of its limestone makeup, stalagmites and stalactites were created drop by drop of limestone rich water.

The depth is usually controlled by the diver by using diving planes or by tilting the whole sled. The structure alone makes this a must do dive. Between the second and third dives, the crew serves lunch on board.

Why not come and experience a whole new world with a Discover Scuba Diving Lesson for only €70?

Retrieved 15 September Please see our dive sites to learn more about the Maui Dive Sites. Balanced trim which allows the diver to align in any desired direction also improves streamlining by presenting the smallest section area to the direction of movement and allowing propulsion thrust to be used more efficiently.

You are likely to find the answer in our FAQs along with more information about your dive or snorkel tour. A truly unique dive site which for many is the dive of a lifetime and for any diver well worth the price of admission. Most decompression computers can also be set for altitude compensation to some degree.

Most decompression computers can also be set for altitude compensation to some degree. Fine control of buoyancy can be achieved by controlling the average lung volume in open circuit scuba, but this feature is not available to the closed circuit rebreather diver, as exhaled gas remains in the breathing loop.

The Coral Finger ridges start at a depth of about 40 feet and slope to about 80 feet as they make their way toward the deep water. Requires a minimum of 8 persons or you can pay an additional fee and go with less than the minimum. And the food and drinks are great too.

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Traditionally this was done by using a depth gauge and a diving watch, but electronic dive computers are now in general use, as they are programmed to do real-time modelling of decompression requirements for the dive, and automatically allow for surface interval. Great Lakes Aquanauts — The Aquanauts are based in Michigan and organize diving trips for all levels of divers.

This allows our divers to choose any combination of dives each day. Scuba for Beginners PPT — Watch a slideshow presentation on the basics of scuba diving, training, certification and costs.

To dive safely, divers must control their rate of descent and ascent in the water [2] and be able to maintain a constant depth in midwater. It is not hard to imagine how the hollow swimming polyps of the Chain Siphonophore could become filled with air or secreted gases and over time evolve into the float of the Man-O-War.

I make no claim as to the accuracy, validity, or appropriateness of any information found in this website. Salps do not sting.

Return time to the dock is. Brian Netzel on I've been diving Maui for twenty years with at least 5 different operators and B and B is the best.

From introducing new divers to the sport to keeping it interesting for the people with hundreds of dives on Molokini, they are the best.

Scuba diving

We are the only dive shop in Connecticut which offers classroom and pool instruction all at THE DIVE SHOP we offer the most fun, exciting and convenient learning environment. It begins with an orientation to the PADI Open Water Part I class. Stay at Sandals Royal Bahamian all inclusive resort in Nassau, Bahamas and enjoy unlimited activities in the Caribbean.

Learn more about luxury beach vacations here. The differences between scuba diving and snorkeling are huge. The differences lay both in equipment and range. Both sports allow you to breathe underwater, however, with snorkeling you are limited to the top of the water or the short distance you can swim holding your breath under the water.

This. Scuba Diving Magazine. is your backroll entry into the world's most fantastic diving. We're a free online scuba diving magazine - run by passionate Divers and Instructors.

Our huge passion for diving takes us to all parts of the world and no matter if we're on a liveaboard or cave diving, we bring back new experiences and knowledge. Our aim with is to be the best source of. Maui Scuba Diving - Molokini Dive Charters, Guided Shore Diving, Scuba Gear Rentals.

B&B Scuba is the most comprehensive dive shop on Maui. We offer scuba certifications from beginning scuba diving all the way through advanced technical diving.

An overview of the sport of scuba diving
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