Elmer the elephant writing activities

Completed projects make a sweet bulletin board. How can we celebrate our differences like the elephants do on Elmer Day. The pipe cleaner can be bent up a bit so that this is a free-standing place marker, or keep them flat and scatter them on a bulletin board.

The Harley's name was Karly and she likes vegetable soup with barley. Art Decorate an elephant for Elmer Day using unusual shapes, patterns and colours.

They were also very popular characters with my Y5's. Save the scraps to make ears later.

Creative writing books for beginners

Can you describe what adverbs are. Can you find any more. Children write their name on the pennant color of their choice. They color the patchwork elephant however they want, then attach the pipe cleaner "staff" around his nose.

Elmer Day: Celebrate the Patchwork Elephant

We so needed the rain and I love the sound of the thunder. Physical education Think of different games that the animals could play on Elmer's Day. How did they feel when we turned grey and then surprised them all.

Cut out several peanuts out of the brown paper. Make an invitation to ask the other animals to join in with Elmer's parade. Make alliterative sentences involving types of animals, e. At the end of the year my students have a wonderful keepsake to take home.

With these things in mind, I designed several monthly keepsake booklets specifically for name writing practice. If you don't have time for this as a kid-craft, make one up to use as a manipulative when you read the book.

There are lots of adverbs in the story, e. Glue gray paper around the sides and a paper circle on the bottom of the canister. I'm not quite ready to let Seuss stuff go, as I'm finishing up a Cat in the Alphabet Hat packet, which has taken much longer to complete than I had planned. Well that's it for today.

Shade eyes as if looking The elephants are here. These books are a great introduction for that lesson.

Literacy Primary Resources

It is the first one up above in the Prezi- with Naked Mole Rat in the picture for some reason. Writing their name with sidewalk chalk outside the school, is also a super-fun activity for your students.

Paste on shiny white tusks. From the start of this first story, the message is clear. Elmer the Elephant by David McKee has been a children’s classic for years, as have his other Elmer stories, and tells the story of a patchwork elephant that goes on many adventures.

Also beloved of children all around the world are Babar the Elephant, and Elmer the Patchwork Elephant! And many of us, adults and children alike, fell in love with Rosie the circus elephant in the book and film "Water for Elephants". elmer, elmer the elephant, elmer actividades, elmer activities, fichas primaria, fichas infantil, juego memoria, observacion, puzzles, colorear Find this Pin and more on.

Classroom Activities, Montessori Activities, Elephant Coloring Page, Kindergarten, Eyfs, Techno, Art Projects, Fun Arts And Crafts, Pre K. K David. Elmer the Elephant Writing and Art display - I am one of a kind because Stacie Baur.

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Tara Nepomuceno-Santos. Elephant Crafts and Activities for Kids How to Make Crafts and Activities Relating to Elephants. Paper Plate Elephant Craft. Elephant's Trunk.

Elmer's Special Day

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant: Bean Bag. Elmer (Elmer Books) Elmer's Colors (Board Book) Elmer The Patchwork Elephant: Wood Puzzle.

Elmer the elephant writing activities
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