Step up revolution

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He makes a cameo, also a member of the Pirates, his character appears with Moose and Jenny Kido in the final dance scene. Emily wants to tell The Mob who her dad is, but is reluctantly convinced by Sean not to.

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In nutshell; online movies are the best time pass by which we can easily relieve stress after a heavy schedule. Eventually, with Eddy feeling guilty for making the rash decision for revenge, makes up with Sean for the errors they both caused.

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She tells him it's on the house, then heads down to the beach to dance, resulting in a dance battle between the two, but ending with Emily suddenly running off when she sees one of her dad's business partners, Trip.

Step Up Revolution

The police then started chasing after Moose, but Luke tells Moose to follow him. The swings we've seen at the box office are erratic, to be polite, but at least remains ahead ofeven if the margin shrunk to 5.

In this shirt by The Irrepressibles By telling her to attend, Sean basically reveals to her his participation in The Mob.

Step Up Revolution 3D Blu-ray

It was forced into second place in the U. Then The Mob plan one last protest to speak for the people who don't have a voice.

Moose and Luke got to the Dance party there, and Luke finally manage to get Natalie. He soon began to lose sight of Luke and seeing many college students and other people gathering around watching Kid Darkness a popular dancer in the House of Samurai dancing.

He encourages Luke to go for the World Jam once again and Luke finally decides to go along and try again with the other crew mates that are waiting outside. While he's gone, Emily continues to argue with her father before storming off. He does a dance in the bar where he steals a guys hat and dances with a blonde girl, who misreads the situation and kisses him.

After Chase called her dancing 'little'. Sean, in turn, tells her to break the rules, giving her an address and telling her to come there. She instead finds out from her dad that there will be a meeting to determine whether the project to develop the strip goes through or not.

Then Luke tell Moose to come along, saying that he need a friend. One Step Can Change Your World 99 min. Facebook Twitter. Genre: Drama,Music,Romance.

Step Up: Revolution

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Step Up Revolution is a movie starring Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman, and Cleopatra Coleman. Emily arrives in Miami with aspirations to become a professional dancer. Step Up Revolution sa prevodom - Emily arrives in Miami with aspirations to become a professional dancer.

Step Up Revolution

She sparks with Sean, the leader of a dance crew whose neighborhood is threatened by Emily's father's development. Step Up Revolution PG 1h 34m Aspiring dancer Emily falls for the leader of a dance team -- but her father's development plans threaten the team's historic neighborhood.

STEP UP REVOLUTION is the fourth film in the most successful dance franchise in the world. Set against the vibrant backdrop of sunny Miami, a crew of dancers band together to stage elaborate flash mobs in order to protect their neighborhood and fight for a greater cause.

Step Up Revolution Parent Guide Sadly there is one major misstep that sets this movie apart from those grand productions of yesteryear, and that is the need to relate dancing to delinquency.

Step up revolution
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